Bring Your Own Joy...

was founded by Katrina Norris Gaither.  She is an educator, coach, mentor, speaker and author who has worked in public education for more than two decades.  She has seen firsthand the importance of owning God’s joy in every aspect and at every stage of life.  Katrina’s personal mantra is “to whom much is given, much is required” and she believes abundant joy thrives in an atmosphere of abundant gratitude and obedience. She is honored to be God’s vessel to spread the “Bring Your Own Joy” message and ministry knowing the joy of the Lord is truly our strength.

Just as with our physical strength, we must also continue to renew, rejuvenate, and restore our joy and emotional strength as well.   We know to feed the physical body; we must also learn to feed our mind, thoughts, and spirit.  Katrina is committed to doing so by supporting individuals through every phase and at every level of their personal joy quest.

Where are you on your personal joy quest?  Are you being intentional about bringing your own joy?