You Are JOY – FULL: 100+ Ways to Keep the JOY of Your Faith in Focus challenges the way we currently look at all that is required of us by applying scriptures to our many duties, tasks, and responsibilities. It provides more than 100 scriptures, joy nuggets, and reflections to aid us in discovering the joy of any task.

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Joy is at the heart of everything we seek whether it is personal or professional.  Katrina is passionate about sharing the message of joy with audiences large or small.  She will take your vision and inspire implementation and success!

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Let Katrina be your accountability partner and walk with you to your next level of joy and achievement.

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Why Bring Your Own Joy?

Bring Your Own Joy is a call to your heart to be who you were born to be  right now.  People often spend a lifetime expecting to be happy when this or that is achieved, purchased, or gained.  However, in this pursuit of happiness, the joy of this moment in time is loss.

Your joy is what you make it.  It is what you choose to see and appreciate.  It is the blessing of truly living in this moment and understanding that there is good to be seen even in the toughest of times and situations.

If you are breathing, even if only barely breathing, there is an opportunity to see joy and to be joyful. Yes, joyfully you!

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"Bring Your Own Joy" and share it!

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